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3D Printing In the Medical Field

3D Printing In the Medical Field

3D printing is a blessing in the medical field. 3D printing is helping life by providing medical services which were not possible a few years ago.

Organ printing using 3D printing is promising field in the medical field. Though complex organ printing is not fulfilled yet 3D printing will bring unbelievable changes in healthcare.

In this post, we will have a close look at the usage/benefits of 3D printing in the medical field.

1) Hospitals are installing 3D printing lab

Hospital across the world is installing 3D printing lab right in the hospital premises. It enables doctors to get expected surgical outcome. It increases the mobility of the surgery and reduces mortality.

Having a 3D printing lab in the hospital make them easier for the doctor to print customized organs according to the specific client need. A trained doctor can modify the 3D object model and can print specific organs on demand.

2) 3D printing prosthetics

The 3D printer is widely used for printing prosthetics which enable disabled people to achieve expected outcomes which were never possible before. Low-cost artificial organs like 3D printed hands, 3D printed legs, 3D printed limbs and orthotic braces are a new hope for disabled people.

3) Customized 3D printed body parts

3D printed body parts are now already in use in the medical field. 3D printed skulls, spine, knees, hips are enabling doctors to achieve expected outcome which was not possible before.

4) 3D printed medical aids

3D printed medical aids are also printed all over the world. 3D printing hearing aid, 3D printed eyeglasses, 3D printed headgear are some examples of 3D printed medical aids.

5) Future of 3D printing in the medical field

3D printing brings new hope in medical fields. 3D printed heat, 3D printed bone, 3D printed bladder, 3D printed skin is the possible outcome people will see in medical field in the near future.