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Average Price to Hire a Motion Graphics Company

Average Price to Hire a Motion Graphics Company

Motion graphics is craze nowadays. Motion Graphics are a key service now offered by digital marketing agencies.

Motion graphics can represent your business in such a way that other traditional marketing like TV/Radio commercial, Newspaper ads, billboard can’t.

Motion graphics is becoming a secret weapon for marketing success and you can’t ignore the importance of motion graphic video for your business.

The average price to hire a motion graphics company is not a fixed amount. The price varies on several key factors.

A small/medium sized motion graphics company will charge $500-$2000 for single motion graphics video. A large motion graphic company will charge higher $2000-$5000 for a single motion graphic video.

You can also go for a monthly recurring contract if you need motion graphic videos on a regular basis. A monthly recurring contract can save you some bucks.

A monthly recurring contract can last between 12 months or 18 months or even more. So, you are likely to get a big discount from the company if you go for a monthly contract.

The average price to hire a motion graphics company on monthly recurring contracts can charge you $2000-$5000 for a small/medium sized company.

If you are considering hiring a motion graphics company you need to consider your locations, amount of motion graphics contents you are taking from the company, size of the motion graphic company and much more.

The average price varies from location to location. The price will not be the same in all locations.

Aside from the location, the motion graphic company size is also a key fact. Large firms tend to charge high and the small/medium motion graphic company charge less.

If you’re running a small/medium business you should hire a similar sized motion graphics company.

Before signing any agreement you should discuss all details with the motion graphics company.