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How To Know If Your Fertility Clinic Is Licensed?

How To Know If Your Fertility Clinic Is Licensed?

If you discover that you have infertility or have any other reasons to visit a fertility clinic, it’s not an easy choice to make. Fertility clinics, unlike many other clinics, aren’t very popular among people. Being a sensitive topic, people tend to visit fertility clinics privately, which makes it even harder for them to choose which clinic to visit. First of all, deciding to visit a fertility clinics Dubai is a big step for many. But when you decide to do it, how will you know which clinic is respected in the field? How will you figure out if the clinic you’ve selected is licensed?

Taking First Steps

Firstly, you need to decide which clinic you want to visit. After you’ve done your math and came to a decision, the only thing you can do to discover if the chosen clinic is licensed is to look for the HFEA license. Human Fertilisation And Embryology Authority (HFEA) is a code of practice assigned to fertility clinics. This code of practice means that fertility clinics that wish to be licensed need to follow up to the code of practice and its standards. Only then the fertility clinic will officially be recognized as the licensed clinic.

What Is The HFEA Code Of Practice?

HFEA code of practice gives clinics guidelines on the things they need to comply with, so they’ll become a fully licensed fertility clinic. Some of the guidelines include emotional support toward patients meaning that the clinic is required to have a policy about providing psychological support before, during, and after treatments. Another inclusion is patient information, which means that the clinic is obliged to provide information about the treatment effectiveness as well as treatment add-ons and reliable guidance relating to treatment risks, etc. HFEA code of practice has more guidelines for fertility clinics, and all of them are presented on their official website.

Knowing where you’re going and who’s performing tests and treatments is of crucial importance, especially when it comes to treating infertility. Always check if the clinic you’ve chosen is licensed before you visit and before you make an appointment.