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Motion Graphics Vs Videos

Motion Graphics Vs Videos

Motion graphics today are one of the best ways to showcase and present the data you wish to share. A “moving infographic” is a powerful heir to infographics that have even a more significant impact on the public, but it cannot be placed on the wall like infographics can. Motion graphics are mainly intended for digital use. Whether you share your motion graphic on your webpage, or your social media platforms, or anywhere else online, you can’t present them without the use of a computer, mobile phone, etc. Infographics are in that sense, much better because you can always print it out and place it on the wall of your office or where ever you wish it to be.

Motion Graphics Are Not VIdeos

It’s a common mistake that motion graphics are videos. They’re not. Motion graphics are comprised of moving elements. Like a moving collage. Motion graphics gave life to infographics by making them move, play sounds, etc. With motion graphics, you can do almost anything you want. Edit them, cut pieces, and throw them out while replacing the parts with newer and better ones. Insert sounds or music into the background of your motion graphic as well. Videos are something different. With videos, you’re able to capture movements and your surroundings in a certain number of frames per second. There are no frames in motion graphics. Videos might be easier to make since all you need to do is to point your recorder where you want to record and press a button. Later, you can edit your recording. With motion graphics, you need to make everything from scratch. Finding suitable images, texts, sounds, etc. is what is required to get started with creating a motion graphic.

Videos are usually big files that require video encoders so you can download and watch them. Motion graphics, on the other hand, are GIFs that don’t need anything since they are a type of image (Graphics Interchange Format).